Whitehall Public Library Bylaws

I. OBJECTIVES: The general objectives of the Whitehall Public Library shall be:

A. To provide education, recreation, aesthetic appreciation, information and reference.

B. To assemble, preserve and administer in organized collections of informational resources and
educational and recreational materials, for the purpose of communication of ideas, the
enlightenment of citizens and the enrichment of personal lives; such an endeavor shall be
accomplished with the able guidance and stimulation provided by the Whitehall Library
director and his/her assistants.

C. To seek continually to identify community needs, to provide programs of service to meet
such needs, and to cooperate with other organizations, agencies and institutions which
can provide programs or services to meet community needs.


A. The Whitehall Public Library will serve all residents of the local and area citizenry, a
community of persons that includes the City of Whitehall, Township of Lincoln,
County of Trempealeau, plus any and all persons for adjoining areas seeking to enhance
their lives through the use of this facility. This shall include but is not limited to:
1. Service to all patrons coming to the library regardless of gender, race, ethnicity,
religious allegiance, education, sexual orientation and related traits.
2. Service to schools, school organizations and church groups.
3. Service to adult groups, including community organizations.
4. Service to youth, including provision of story time and summer reading programs.
5. Service to the county jail personnel and inmates, as Whitehall is the county seat.

B. The Whitehall Public Library will honor cardholders of and in accordance with the policies
of the Winding Rivers Library System (WRLS).

C. Service will not be abridged or denied due to social, economic or political status.

D. The use of the library or its services may be denied for due cause. Such cause may be
failure to return books and periodicals, destruction of library property, disturbance to
patrons, or any objectionable conduct on library premises.


A. Membership on the board.
1. In accordance with statute 43.54 for a city of the 4th class, there shall be seven
appointed members. The superintendent of schools is a member and a city council person as recommended by the library board of trustees and appointed by the mayor.
2. Appointments shall be for three years; terms previously limited to two terms of six years, have been amended as of 9/2/03; trustees may now serve ongoing consecutive terms of three years.
3. No compensation shall be paid, but trustees may be reimbursed for actual and
necessary expenses in the performance of their duties.
4. Members shall be charged fines for overdue materials; however, members, as well
as library personnel should be responsible user patrons and set a good example.

B. Meetings.
1. Regular meetings shall be held as determined by the board.
2. Any special meetings shall be called by the Whitehall Library’s board president,
or at the request of two or more board members.
4. The January meeting shall be considered the annual meeting at which time, the
president, secretary and treasurer shall be elected.
5. Four members present shall constitute a quorum.
6. The library director shall notify all members of the meetings.
7. The Whitehall Library director shall post public notice of the bi-monthly meetings in three public locations.
8. The budget for the next year must be proposed and submitted to the Whitehall
City Council in September for proper revue.
9. Board shall annually evaluate the librarian’s performance at the August meeting.

C. Board president’s responsibilities
1. Consult with librarian to develop meeting agendas.
2. Make sure a recorder is present at all meetings.
3. Convene all meetings.
4. Give group opportunity to adjust or add agenda at meeting.
5. Be familiar with Robert’s Rules of Order.


A. The annual budget shall be prepared by the library director and the board of trustees.

B. Apportionment of the budget shall be constructed to follow these guidelines, or as approved by the board:
1. 25% for children’s books.
2. 50% for adult books, including references.
3. 25% for other resources including videos, audio, etc.

C. In accordance with statute 43.54, the library board shall have exclusive control of the
expenditure of all money collected, donated and appropriated for the library fund.
1. If designated for a special purpose, a donation may be accepted or rejected at
discretion of the trustee board.
2. The library director shall give preliminary approval of bills and shall draw his or her order upon the treasurer for proper payment. Final approval of all expenditures rests with the library board.


A. The librarian shall have a minimum of a Grade III Certification.
1. Training and education shall include familiarization with the extended
Winding Rivers Library System (WRLS), and the relationship and
dependence the Whitehall Public Library maintains with WRLS.
2. Continuing education shall be paid for by the City of Whitehall.

B. Aides shall be appointed by the librarian who are acceptable to the trustee board. Board should be informed before the person is hired.

C. Personnel salaries.
1. Beginning salaries for the librarian is negotiable according to the applicant’s
2. Adjustments and fringe benefits will be made in accordance with the City of
Whitehall’s personnel policies.
3. Wages for aides will be set by the board of trustees based on qualifications
and duties.
4. Wages for aides are subject to review by the board after annual evaluation.
5. Aides are not eligible for fringe benefits.
6. The library director may also enlist acceptable volunteers to assist when and
where needed.


A. It is the duty of the Whitehall Library board of trustees to establish weekly open hours.
1. Open hours are M-F, 12 to 7:00 p.m., Wed. 9:30 a.m-7 p.m. Saturday 9:30-noon.


A. The library director shall work with his/her aides to establish the times when
the aides are expected to work. Such an arrangement would be beneficial to all library
personnel, as well as the smooth operation of the facility.

B. Should a regular schedule be impossible to arrange for the aides, the librarian will make
every effort to notify an aide several days in advance as to when they are to work.

C. Personnel action for the librarian shall follow the City of Whitehall personnel policies.


A. The librarian is responsible for the selection and purchase of materials for the Whitehall
Public Library.
1. The librarian shall use reliable sources for the selection process. These shall
include but not be necessarily limited to internet web sites, book jobbers, whole-
sale catalogues, personal visits by company representatives, and shopping for
select items at bookstores.
2. The librarian is responsible for the attractive display and organization of library
materials in such a manner as to enhance the public’s pleasurable access and use
of both printed and audio/visual items.
3. Patron suggestions shall be heard. However, these material suggestions and/or
donations shall be accepted only when they meet the needs of the community, and
they in turn fit the Whitehall Public Library’s collection needs.
4. Further, materials selection shall consider the following criteria and tools:
(a) Use reliable sources for book selection.
(b) Adult non-fiction selections shall consider different reading levels.
(c) Choose books to present both sides of controversial issues.
(d) Choose books to keep collection balanced.
(e) Choose books that are timely, accurate and authoritative.
(f) Choose children’s/juvenile selections that supplement the local school’s
(g) Children’s books should be selected to fill the needs of the youth in the
community, with consideration for popular subjects and authors, i.e.,
mystery, suspense, sports, etc.
(h) Consider library binding for children’s books up through the high school
age level; paperbacks may be purchased where feasible.
(i) Book club selections to be used if on approved lists.
5. Replacement and binding shall be done on books which have outlived their use.

B. Periodicals and other materials
1. Readers Guide should be used as an aide in selecting print materials
2. Librarian shall consult other related sources for print material selection
3. As the budget allows, librarian shall select videos, cassettes, etc., to meet the needs
and desires of the facility’s patrons.

C. A continuous weeding policy shall be maintained to accommodate a minimum standard for
books within the library collection.
1. Books shall be discarded based on individual examination for the following criteria:
(a) physical condition.
(b) out of date content.
(c) low circulation.
(d) on recommendation of professional book selection aide.
D. All books retained within the collection shall be maintained in good repair.
1. Discarded books shall be disposed of at the discretion of the librarian and the
board of trustees.
2. Books of value to the collection shall be rebound.
3. Donated books or other gifts shall be accepted upon review and approval by the
librarian and the board of trustees.
4. An annual inventory shall be taken of books in the collection; good records shall be
maintained of discarded or lost books. The librarian shall report on such items
to the board at the annual meeting. Unusual situations regarding lost items shall
merit discussion at regular board meetings.


A. Materials may be checked out for a period of two weeks. Items are considered overdue after
this time period unless librarian has been notified to renew checkouts for an additional two
week time frame.
1. Materials retained by patrons beyond the due date stamped in the back of the item
shall be subjected to a .19 cents/day fine.
2. Accumulated fines of $5.00 or more shall cause patrons to forfeit checkout privileges
until their account balance has been satisfied with the library.
3. Librarian shall maintain an up to date fine payment log.
4. Librarian is allowed to negotiate fines with a patron based on the situation; unusually
large fines can be negotiated to aid a patron in recovering his/her good standing,
provided that materials in question have been returned and are in good condition.
5. Librarian may opt to mail overdue notices to patrons, as well as send individual
correspondence to recover expense for lost items.
6. Exceptions to the two-week checkout rule include videos (one week), and magazines
(one week).

B. The board of trustees has established the following value for lost/damaged materials
1. Reference books – $25.00
2. Adult fiction hardcovers – $20.00
3. Adult fiction over size softcovers – $15.00
4. Adult paperbacks, juvenile paperbacks, juvenile softcovers – $7.00
5. Juvenile hardcovers – $15.00
6. Audiobooks – $40.00 – $90.00 based on replacement costs which vary widely
7. All magazines – $2.00
8. All videos – $15.00
9. Cassettes – $10.00

C. Enforcement
1. At the librarian’s discretion, patrons with gravely overdue materials may be reminded
that such items are subject to collection under Section 1 of the Trempealeau
County Legal Code, enacted February 28, 1985; said code defines intentionally or
reckless disregard for return of materials as “theft” and can be prosecuted.


A. Obtaining a card
1. Applicants must provide proper identification, in addition to a phone number and
current mailing address where they can be reached.
2. Applicants must supply an address and phone number of a contact person also.
3. Current addresses can be furnished from any personal items such as mail, bills, receipts, licenses, check books, and the like.

B. Identification forms
1. Acceptable forms of identification shall include driver’s license, passport, school or state ID cards, fishing or hunting license, and green card; however not social security cards.

C. Card usage
1. Library cards/account numbers are required to check out all materials.
2. Library cards are to be physically presented at the checkout time if possible.
3. Library cards are good indefinitely and can be renewed.
4. Patrons with lost cards should immediately notify the librarian for a replacement.
5. Borrowers with overdue materials exceeding ten days must pay accrued fines and
return items in question prior to checking out additional items.
6. Juveniles (those children under 18 years of age), must have parental approval and
parental or guardian approval.
7. Accumulated fines of over $5 shall result in temporary suspension of lending.


A. Patrons may use available computers to search the library material collection.
1. This privilege is exclusive to the circ/cat files only.
2. Personal patron files are not available to computer users for any reason.
3. Patrons may also use computers for typing of papers, letters, documents, school
projects and the like, as well as use the accompanying printers for such projects.
4. Internet accessible computers are available with an agreement application on file.

B. Due to the proximity of the gymnasium, students shall be required to leave athletic items, par-
ticularly basketballs, skate boards, etc., in the gym. Violators are to leave the library at once!
1. In addition, patrons are not allowed to consume beverages or food in the library.

C. Internet access
1. At present, six library computers have internet access; four are patron computers.
2. Patrons shall use the internet in a responsible manner only. The librarian has the right and duty to supervise its use.
3. No patron, adult or juvenile, will be permitted to access questionable web sites, including those featuring pornography and gambling. See Internet Use Policy.
4. Patrons will be allowed to use the internet for e-mail.


A. Librarian shall maintain an accurate circulation file.

B. A patron card application file shall also be maintained separate from the computer file.

C. Daily reports
1. Librarian shall make a daily count of petty cash and make necessary deposits to the
miscellaneous library checking account at the city office.
2. Librarian shall maintain a daily record of any petty cash withdrawls.
3. Librarian shall maintain accurate daily log entries at the end of each day’s business
that includes patron traffic, new cards issued, new materials catalogued, reference questions, computer users, inter-library loans and requests, and newspaper readers.
D. Daily backups shall be made to discs as necessary.
1. A minimum of one circ./cat. backup shall be made at the close of library hours on Friday.


A. The library shall be kept clean, in good repair and hospitable in appearance.

B. The librarian is responsible for building lockdown on Friday evenings, including checking
that all lights are turned off.


A. Membership and/or participation in local/regional/state workshops and conferences.
1. The Whitehall Library director and/or its representative shall attend and participate
in these activities as conducted by WRLS and the Wisconsin Division of Libraries.
2. The Whitehall Library shall consult and work closely with the local schools.

A. The local library will not enforce censorship, all the while maintaining an acceptable
standard with the community of Whitehall and surrounding area, keeping in mind the
the diversity of opinions that exist.
1. The Whitehall Librarian may, at the behest of a parent or guardian, deny a juvenile
checkout rights to materials so specified by that legal adult.
2. Upon complaint of materials, a citizen’s request for reconsideration of the library
Material may be completed and taken to the library board for consideration.
3. The library board has the final decision as to whether the complaint is justifiable.
4. Disruptive patrons can be asked to leave the library.


A. Patrons shall be given a barcode number for checking out books and other materials.

B. No information can be used from the borrowers registration card without the consent of that
Borrower, unless to the legal provisions in the Wisconsin State Statutory Code or in those
Instances involving federal jurisdiction.